Led Bikes

Personalize your bike and make it more safe with Led Bikes! Led Bikes are existing bicycles with our illuminated LED unit fitted. Bicycles which really stand out. Day and night!

  • Led Bikes’ illuminated unit makes cycling safer in the dark, or in bad weather. Making the bike, and its rider, more visible to drivers.
  • We see the Led Bike as a unique and innovative marketing tool. A vibrant, eye-catching, mobile advertisement for your brand or message. A great way to reach your target group not only in the day but also at night.
  • We think it would be beautiful to see bicycles in the city that light up in the dark. It would be much safer as well!

The Led Bike

Many businesses want to stand out in a positive way to retain or strengthen their brand identity to new customers. With Led Bikes you can. Bicycles that also stand out in the dark.

Latest news

Meet Led Bikes. A company who want to make cities more cheerful and safer. Check out the latest news and background information below.